Fertility Source Companies Attends Men Having Babies in San Francisco

As a proud sponsor of Men Having Babies, Fertility Source Companies is excited to attend the organization’s January 13-14 conference in San Francisco. We look forward to the event, and we hope you’ll consider joining us.

For those interested, you can register for Men Having Babies in San Francisco here. Advance cost is $20 per person and $25 at the door.

What is Men Having Babies?

Men Having Babies is a nonprofit organization that offers a wide array of resources, programs, and events for gay men looking to build their families using third-party reproductive services like egg donation and gestational surrogacy. Men Having Babies events are hosted all around the world (Barcelona, Brussels, and Tel Aviv) and across the U.S., from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Chicago.

The organization’s mission includes:

  • The provision of educational and practical information to assist gay prospective parents in achieving biological parenting.
  • Promoting the affordability of surrogacy-related services for gay men through financial assistance and the encouragement of transparency and customer feedback.
  • Promoting surrogacy practices that minimize the risks and maximize the potential short- and long-term benefits to all involved.
  • Raising awareness about the potential benefits and meaningful relationships surrogacy arrangements can bring about.

LGBT parenting at Fertility Source Companies

We are passionate about helping all couples and individuals looking to pursue third-party reproductive services. The process of surrogacy and egg donation can seem like an opportunity for one source of stress after another, but our case managers work hard to remove any sense of mystery from each process. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we’re here to answer any questions and concerns that arise.

A core benefit of working with our Fertility Source Companies California location is that California has some of the most favorable surrogacy laws in the country, protecting all parties, including same-sex intended parents during surrogacy and/or egg donation cycles.

Are you interested in growing your family? We hope you will contact our team today.

Helpful resources for third-party reproduction: