Do You Really NEED a Case Manager

You have just been informed that in order to achieve your dream of becoming a parent you will need donor eggs. Your head is spinning, your stomach is knotted and you are wondering where to go from here. Before you do anything, take time to process everything, however long it is necessary. When you are ready to begin, a Donor Source case manager will be ready to help you.

There will be many options to research and questions needing to be answered. Your fertility doctor will be able to provide you with statistics and facts, but who will be the ear when you just need someone to talk to and share your story with? Who will help you when searching for a donor becomes overwhelming and, at times, a bit frustrating? Who is going to make sure your donor is getting to her appointments and taking her injections on time. Is coordinating the donor through every step of the process something you want to be responsible for? You have enough on your plate just taking care of your needs. These are items you should not have to worry about. Let a Donor Source case manager do the coordination for you.

Your case manager is more than just a person on the end of the phone or someone you exchange a few emails with. We are here because we love to help you make your dreams of growing your family a reality. From the beginning steps of your journey to the final destination, your case manager is at your side to help you with whatever you may need. We are your connection to the donor and where she is within the process. We make sure you are in the loop every step of the way to help make your experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

Many times, we are the only non-clinical person you have in your corner; when you just need someone to talk with about how you are feeling or just need to be reassured that everything is going to be okay. Many of us do not keep “normal” work hours and make ourselves available to you whenever you need to be heard. Let The Donor Source be that pillar of strength when you feel like you cannot stay strong any longer. Lean on your case manager as much as necessary. We are here for you! You are the reason we come to work every day. Your journey is a part of our lives too and we, at The Donor Source are honored when you choose to share it with us!

Article composed by Staci Padilla, Fertility Source Companies Senior Case Manager – Southwest Region