What Can I Expect from an Egg Donor Pregnancy?

If you are considering an egg donor pregnancy, rest assured that, physically speaking, an egg donor pregnancy won’t feel any different than pregnancy with your own egg. You’ll experience the same joys and excitement that accompany most other pregnancies. The only difference is that, medically speaking, you may be asked to attend additional prenatal screenings to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one. Here are three positive experiences to expect during your (egg donor) pregnancy:

Making new friends

If you’re a social butterfly or even just looking to spend time with some people who are enjoying pregnancy too, you’ll find making new friends is easier having this situation in common. Join a prenatal yoga class or walking group (with your doctor’s permission), take a breastfeeding or parenting class, or find a support group. You can specifically seek out relationships with women using egg donors or not, depending on your level of comfort and support needs. Ask your fertility specialist or OB/GYN for suggestions when it comes to prenatal activities with a social benefit.

Kicking bad habits

Yours and your baby’s well-being are paramount during the next nine months, and beyond. It’s important to quit the unhealthy habits you may have tried to ditch before, like smoking, heavy drinking, inactivity or insomnia. Speak to your physician about healthy ways to kick these and other habits that aren’t good for your pregnancy. If you have a partner, talk with them about what habits they would like to break as well. Having support from a loved one and working together will help in your success in leading a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby.

Living your ideals

You probably have a laundry list of parenting no-nos and to-dos. You like some ways you were parented but want to do other things differently. Pregnancy provides a wonderful ramp up to parenting, during which time you can set plans and priorities. Consider getting your financial life in order now too. You can set up a 529 tax-advantaged college savings plan for your child, invest in a life insurance policy and pay off old debts.

Whether your pregnancy is rooted in assistance from a program like The Donor Source or not, there has never been a better time to shape and enjoy the best version of you and your life.

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