Understanding the Risks in a Donor Cycle

Whenever you combine the world of science with nature for any reason, the results are unpredictable to a certain degree. While advances in the area of infertility are constantly being made, there are still many unknowns. Knowing the risks in a donor cycle, and understanding them, before you begin your journey with an egg donor is an important step.

Before you begin searching for your donor, do your homework. Talk to your doctors and your agency’s case manager about the potential risks and what they mean to you. While every fertility doctor and case manager would love to guarantee you will be successful growing your family, the fact is, they cannot. Even if you find the “perfect” donor that follows your doctor’s protocol to a “T” you can still end up with very few quality eggs or, in very rare cases, no eggs at all. What do you do when something like this happens? Your first instinct is to blame someone and that is completely understandable. The truth is, it is really no one’s fault, it is just part of the risks involved when dealing with the unknowns of a donor cycle. What about all the time, money and emotion you just invested in this journey? How do you pick yourself up and push forward? The answer to these questions are different for everyone. Your doctor and your agency’s case manager are there to support you and help you with the choices you will be faced with should you find yourself in any situation. Tap into their experience and knowledge and allow them to be your rock when things seem to be crumbling.

The best thing to do is begin your journey with an open mind. Resolve yourself to understanding that, while the chances of your story ending with a beautiful bundle of joy are actually amazingly high, there is a small reality that it may not work. My mother always told me to expect the best but prepare for worst. Not something I ever found easy to do but it has helped me to deal with the disappointments life can throw our way. It is never easy to face trials but they are what make us stronger. With every adventure, there will be risks. If people never took risks, there would be no progress. Knowing there are risks and doing it anyway is what makes life beautiful. What is the old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained?” Are you ready to begin your adventure? If so, your fertility doctor and your case manager are here to help.

This article was composed by Staci Padilla, Fertility Source Companies Senior Case Manager-Southwest Region.