Transgender Fertility Preservation and Family Building


Medically assisted reproduction has obviously had an undeniable impact on the lesbian and gay community, yet rarely is discussed transgender reproduction unless it is about sensationalized stories such as Thomas Beattie.

For transgender individuals who are undergoing medical transition (whether hormonal, surgical or both) and may be interested in using their gametes to reproduce at some point down the road, utilizing fertility preservation services can be a great option.

Beginning your medical transition brings up many details to consider, the prospect of reproductive material can seem insignificant in light of other considerations.   Also, you likely have had to wait some agonizing amount of time before being able to begin a medical transition and the prospect of further waiting is often not an option.  Many doctors do not consult with their transgender patients about fertility options prior to transitional treatment, but knowing your options can only be of service.  This will just be a brief rundown, and if you are interested in any of these options, we are happy to talk with you further about specific possibilities related to your needs.

The most ideal time to freeze and store your reproductive material is often considered to be before hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been started.  This is most desirable to health care professionals and also often desirable to individuals looking to store their gametes in order to avoid having to stop taking HRT medications after treatment has begun.  There are some medical professionals who will assist in your reproductive journey if you have already begun HRT, but this can present different challenges by possibly effecting the viability of your reproductive material as well as the need to stop HRT for a period of time before retrieving reproductive material.

Of course, health and wellness of the individual is always the first priority, and there are financial considerations that come in to play.  This blog is merely an attempt to support access to education regarding trans health care and reproductive rights.  This article from William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law speaks more in depth to this issue.  Find it HERE.


by Fertility Source Companies LGBT blogger Skye Bigari