The Donor Source: Why Work With An Egg Donation Agency?

Q : My clinic offers egg donors for a nominal fee. Why should I work with an egg donation agency and pay more when I can use an egg donor that my fertility doctor or IVF center recommends?

A: Several IVF clinics offer the service of matching egg donors to their patients and with a ‘nominal fee’ however you may find that comes with ‘nominal information’ about the egg donor as well. Utilizing the services of an egg donor though your IVF clinic may very well limit your choices in what type of egg donor you are matched with. Often the intended parent can’t look at photos of the egg donor or may only look at photos of the egg donors up to a certain age. Intended parents may have only a page of information regarding the egg donor’s personality, education, or goals for the future. Very little comfort if you are the type of person who needs to know more!

An egg donor agency, on the other hand, spends hours gathering information on each and every egg donor they have in their database. They have several photos including adult photos and pictures of their children if they have any. Donor agencies have a very complex questionnaire that all egg donors are required to complete that is shared with the intended parents. And if the Intended parents have additional questions often times the egg donation agency can have the egg donor answer those as well. Would you like to meet your potential egg donor? Then your agency could arrange that if the egg donor you chose is agreeable. Perhaps a phone conversation? Photos of her parents or grandparents? Baby photos? The list is endless of what an egg donation agency can do if the egg donor you are interested in also finds it acceptable. The point is that you can ask!

If you have any concerns or questions regarding egg donation please feel free to call us and talk to one of our case managers. She can explain exactly what they can or can’t do so you feel as comfortable as possible with your choice. After all, that is what we are here for!