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Straying from “The Birds and the Bees”

The Stork, a rainbow, “the Birds and the Bees”; these are a few stories used to answer “Where do babies come from?” As adults, we understand where babies come from and the fact that sometimes, babies don’t come that way either. Adults are able to understand the struggles Intended Parents go through, for the chance…

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Post-Holiday Blues and Infertility

It’s the beginning of the new year! That means typically new starts and fresh starts! Unless you are suffering from infertility, and that means we’ve been there–done that more times than we care to remember. We’ve all read the blogs around the internet – “The holiday season can be exceptionally stressful” – You think? Well…

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Surrogacy From A Child’s Point Of View

I have always really valued my children’s opinions. As many mothers do, I think of their best interest before I make any major decisions. When deciding to become a surrogate mother this was no exception. I have been a surrogate mother three times. At the time of delivery with my first surrogate pregnancy my children…

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The Surrogacy “Village”

We’ve all heard the old adage, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. Anyone with a child, no matter how old, will tell you that it is absolutely true. What makes surrogacy unique is that it truly takes a village to even bring a child into existence. With traditional pregnancy, there are usually only…

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