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Pride and Progress

Trying to keep up with recent legal process impacting LGBTQ families today is no small feat – And I am immensely grateful for getting to watch it all unfold in this short span of time.

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Engage & Support: OC PRIDE 2013!

Orange County PRIDE is just around the corner! We’re so excited to get to participate in our local (to our administrative office) PRIDE– and PROUD to help all of our LGBTQ families on their Pathway to Parenthood! Come by, say “Hi,” and help us make some noise to support our growing LGBTQ Families!!!

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Multi-Parent Families + SB274

Heterogeneity in family building and structure is no new thing– especially when it comes to building LGBTQ families through egg donation and/or surrogacy. However, the different ways in which we have started to build our families has been limited by the law’s assumption that families are largely the same. Not only is this far from the…

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Prop 8: Justice For Our Families!

The Supreme Court’s decision on Prop 8 and DOMA is intimately connected to the well being of our growing LGBTQ families. Tomorrow night vigils will be held all over the nation to gather peacefully united in love over hate! Below is the flyer for our local (to our administrative offices) event.

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