New Single Fee Surrogacy Program

Fertility Source Companies™ is pleased to offer our new Single Fee Surrogacy program.

Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source & The Surrogacy Source) has designed a program that will enable intended parents to pay ONE SINGLE FEE for gestational surrogacy cycles – an all-inclusive fee with no surprises. 

This program is ideal for those who understand there are many out of pocket expenses that can be billed for during a surrogacy cycle, causing uncertainty about all of the costs that can arise.  At Fertility Source Companies (FSC), we know how the fear of the unknown creates barriers in family building regarding the pregnancy, the baby, the relationship intended parents have with their surrogate and especially the financial costs of surrogacy.

Our Single Fee Surrogacy program is unique to the industry, we created it for parents who want to transfer one embryo to offer up to three tries for a successful pregnancy. At Fertility Source Companies, we are mindful of the health and safety of our surrogates and babies born via surrogacy. Because FSC is a well-established agency with experienced and dedicated professionals, we are proud to offer this program exclusively.

At Fertility Source Companies, we are committed to helping intended parents reach their goals by recognizing the need for a more secure arrangement with limited risk.

“The Single Fee Surrogacy Program allows intended parents and their treating physician to make medically and ethically responsible decisions about their fertility treatment while removing any financial uncertainty.” – Brian M. Berger MD, Boston IVF

“It is my opinion that the Single Fee Surrogacy Program being launched by Fertility Source Companies will be an excellent addition for the patient. It will give the couple a feeling of confidence and financial security. This can only be beneficial since it will allow the couple to have closure on the costs of surrogacy.” – Lawrence B. Werlin MD, Coastal Fertility Medical Center

“It provides the intended parents with clarity on the exact cost of the process.” – Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, FACOG, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

“We are thrilled to offer a Single Fee Surrogacy Program option to our patients! Particularly international patients who truly appreciate the simplicity.” – Michael Kettel, MD, FACOG, San Diego Fertility Center

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About Fertility Source Companies™: Established in 2003, Fertility Source Companies™ (The Donor Source & The Surrogacy Source) has served thousands of intended parents through egg donation and surrogacy. Fertility Source Companies takes seriously its commitment in third party reproduction to provide a high level of coordinative services for egg donors and gestational surrogates who are working with intended parents. Our mission is to provide individuals who are unable to conceive with the assistance they need to become parents.

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