Notes of Gratitude to Our Gestational Surrogates and Egg Donors

We know that it takes a very special person to become a gestational surrogate or an egg donor for a family in need. There are many reasons couples and individuals turn to third-party reproduction, but infertility struggles, single parenthood and LGBTQ family building are at the top.

This means that without your kindness, compassion and generosity, many who dream of parenthood would be left with few or no options. Their dreams would stay unfulfilled, and all of the happy endings our organization has celebrated over the years would not have come to pass. Fortunately, there are amazing individuals who dedicate their time and energy to such a cause exist, and we want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank them for their choice to be a part of this process.

To our gestational surrogates

Perhaps no one better understands compassion and dedication as well as a surrogate does. Surrogates are committing themselves to an experience that many others claim they could never consider but likely do not understand. Women who become surrogate mothers know the joy that comes from having a baby, and they simply want to share that same joy with others. They recognize and empathize with the pain and longing of those who have struggled to conceive or who are LGBTQ and simply need help to have a child. Surrogates are the type of people who look around at the struggles facing the world and say, “How can I help?” They aren’t the type to sit back and let problems build; they want to face an issue head-on and do what needs to be done.

We are so very grateful for every single woman who applies to our surrogacy program. We know there are many motivations for such a decision, but at its core, there is a desire to help others.

To our egg donors

Egg donors are very special young women who recognize that they have the ability to help others at a time in their lives when family planning may not be their own priority but is someone else’s dream. Egg donation isn’t like sperm donation; it requires time, attention and responsibility. The egg retrieval procedure and the time preparing for it ask for a donor’s energy and commitment. Women who are accepted for our donation program need to have met specific requirements and understand that this cycle will take some of their time until it’s complete.

Those young women who contribute to this process are giving something to a couple who may have believed that the female partner’s chances of carrying her own child were never to be, or they are offering an essential part of family building for a same-sex male couple who have only this route available to share a biological connection to their child.

Thank you to each and every surrogate and egg donor who has joined our programs. We may never come close to properly explaining our gratitude to you, but we wanted to try.

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