GenePeeks Announces Partnership with Fertility Source Companies

GenePeeks, Inc., a computational genomics company focused on transforming genetic disease risk analysis, today announced a new partnership with Fertility Source Companies® and its two divisions: The Donor Source™, a premier egg donation agency, and The Surrogacy Source™, a specialized gestational surrogacy program. This announcement signals continued momentum for GenePeeks Preconception Screen, which identifies the combined parental risk of passing on more than 1,000 serious genetic diseases.

Fertility SOURCE clients may now select the GenePeeks test to assess a future child’s risk of disease inheritance, a service that includes consultation with a certified genetic counselor. Donor Source™ donors now have the option to complete pre-test protocols and be identified as “GenePeeks Ready,” which may save prospective parents significant time in their fertility journey.

“We are delighted to partner with Fertility Source Companies,” said Anne Morriss, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of GenePeeks. “As one of the largest egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the country, this collaboration will enable us to expand our physician network and give an increasing number of patient families access to our advanced analytics platform.”

Steve Masler, Chief Executive Officer of Fertility Source Companies said, “Fertility Source Companies are committed to the highest degree of compassion and skilled care. GenePeeks’ technology covers an expanded number of inherited diseases with a depth that far exceeds other genetic tests on the market. We’re thrilled to partner with GenePeeks to help our clients make more informed decisions about the future health of their children.”

About GenePeeks’ Technology

GenePeeks’ comprehensive approach, called Virtual Progeny Analytics (VPA), uniquely integrates simulated DNA information from two genetic participants to predict the future genome of a child prior to conception. For every mutation in these hypothetical genomes, the company computes a proprietary Variant Gene Dysfunction (VGD) score that predicts gene function and associated disease risk. This next generation approach allows GenePeeks to cover an expanded number of diseases with increased sensitivity and evaluate variants that may remain uncharacterized by other genetic tests, while avoiding the confusion and anxiety that can be associated with carrier testing. In contrast to carrier screening, which identifies parental carrier status, GenePeeks focuses on a future child’s true risk of disease inheritance. GenePeeks offers this physician-ordered service through its CLIA certified clinical laboratory.

About GenePeeks

GenePeeks is a computational genomics company focused on identifying inherited disease risk in future generations. GenePeeks’ patented technology digitally combines the genetic information of two potential parents, simulating the complex genetic interactions that occur naturally in human reproduction. The company’s proprietary platform creates and analyzes thousands of Virtual Progeny to uncover disease risk that cannot be seen with alternative screening tools. GenePeeks offers this physician-ordered service through its CLIA certified clinical laboratory.

GenePeeks is privately held, with corporate offices in Cambridge, Mass. For more information, visit

GenePeeks’ next-generation screening technology is available today. For more information about becoming a partner, please contact [email protected]

About Fertility Source Companies®

Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source™ & The Surrogacy Source™) was established in 2003 with a mission to provide individuals who are unable to conceive with the assistance they need to become parents, including matching them with an egg donor, gestational surrogates or both. As one of the largest egg donor and surrogacy agencies operating on a national level in the United States, Fertility Source Companies is proud to provide comprehensive third party reproductive care and coordination and has helped thousands of parents build their families. Through its divisions, The Donor Source and The Surrogacy Source, the company’s commitment is to provide the highest degree of compassion, support and guidance to recipients, egg donors and surrogates. For more information, visit