Employee Spotlight: Donna Raidy, CEO of Fertility Source Companies

Donna has been with Fertility Source Companies for 14 years and first started working with intended parents and donors who were navigating the matching process. Through the years, Donna’s love of order and process helped her to excel and grow. She later served as Fertility Source Companies’ Director of Case Management, COO and is currently the CEO. We are also very happy to announce that she has recently become a major shareholder of the company as of July 2020!

Donna Raidy, CEO of Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source and The Surrogacy Source)

“I have enjoyed being part of every aspect of Fertility Source Companies. I knew when I began working here that I had found a calling that aligned with my ideas of family and purpose. I’ll always be thankful to Steve Masler and the other shareholders that entrusted me with this company. All my coworkers have a love and passion for what they do. We navigate an often-changing industry to bring love and happiness to our intended parents, surrogates and donors. We understand that not all journeys are successful and it is our determination to bring compassion and support to those journeys as well.”

Donna lives in Orange County with her husband, Dan, of 28 years. Donna is a mother of three and a very proud Grammi to eight grandchildren, six boys and two girls. She can be found bragging and sharing pictures in her spare time. Donna is also an avid reader and bowler.