CureTalks: Legal Aspects of ART

“A modern couple has various options to build their family at their choice of time with the advent of ground breaking reproductive technologies made available by our scientific fraternity. For either medical or non-medical reasons, more and more couples are choosing assisted family building using assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like the use of donor eggs, donor embryos, donor sperms, or surrogacy. However, this assistance comes with its own share of legal issues, which everyone involved should be aware of.” – Family Building Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): Legal Aspects, presented by CureTalks.

CureTalks hosted a panel of experts on this subject, including Fertility Source Companies Vice President of International and Major Client Relations – Nancy Block. Among the others were New York licensed attorney Amy Demma, Founder of Gifted Journeys Wendie Wilson-Miller, and Eggspiration Date blogger Alia Paige. To listen to the full one hour interview, please visit HERE.

Here is a glimpse of the discussion from our own Nancy Block:

Q: What does the intended parent in advanced fertility efforts look like in 2016? Has the profile of that intended parent changed over the years you have each been doing this work? And what has stayed the same in terms of how you each embrace today’s fertility patient relative to your work of a decade ago.

A: Social media has brought the topics of both egg donation and surrogacy to the forefront of the news. I believe more are educated on some third party treatments and many are not the traditional couples we saw from years ago. Many are same sex married couples and many are single. We do work with many more international couples who cannot achieve pregnancies in their home countries with a donor or surrogate because it is simply not available or legal. The reality of needing help from a third party to have a family is still an emotional roller coaster and those involved need support throughout the process by experienced professionals in our field.

Q: Important facts/questions to ask when selecting a Reproductive Endocrinologist/Clinic…

A:  Current statistics. What we are able to view on SART is 2 years old so it’s best to ask your clinic what their current numbers are with patients like you who are or are not working with a donor/surrogate. Does your insurance cover any of the work up, labs, treatment? If so, does this clinic accept your insurance? How long will it take to get an appointment and how long will that first appointment be? What is included in the first appointment? Some offices have you come back for additional labs and do their consults in stages which can take longer. Is there a wait for an appointment? How organized is the office? Communication with your physician for all news or just some of the news? Will you have an email to your contact person at your clinic and any off hour’s access?


For more information regarding the legal aspects of Assisted Third Party Reproduction and Technologies, please refer to the panelists information on this interview by CureTalks or give us a call at Fertility Source Companies for referrals to clinics, physicians, attorneys, and other trusted partners in our industry.