Come See Us At The 2015 ASRM Annual Meeting

Fertility Source Companies is proud to exhibit at the 71st Annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland this October 19-21, 2015. This is our 9th year in a row participating in the annual meeting.

And the theme this year is…

… “Steering Reproductive Medicine to the Forefront of Global Public Health”.

“The scope of reproductive medicine is broad, ranging from puberty to menopause, including men and women, and having a focus that is both molecular and macroscopic. How reproduction affects health and health affects reproduction, both on an individual and global scale, will be explored at this meeting. This program is designed for physicians, nurses, andrology and embryology laboratory personnel, genetic counselors, social workers, practice and laboratory managers, as well as specialists in mental health, law, and ethics to advance exemplary medical care and disseminate cutting-edge research” (ASRM Annual Meeting Program)

Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source & The Surrogacy Source) has made it a point to attend the annual meeting each year to stay current on the latest research and education provided by ASRM as well as the other speakers, participants, professionals, and exhibitors. It is our commitment to our intended parents, egg donors, and gestational surrogates to provide up to date information on the industry of third party reproduction.

In attendance, the Fertility Source Companies management team will be available to attendees at our booth. This includes: Steve Masler, CEO; Donna Raidy, VP of Operations; Nancy Block, VP of International and Major Client Relations; Lori Broitman, Director of Business Development; Stephanie Warren, Internet Marketing Manager; and Sheryl Steinberg, Senior Regional Manager-Northwest Region.

We are thrilled to show off our newly redesigned look to our industry peers and professionals. In May 2015, Fertility Source Companies launched a fully redesigned website and brand refresh; the new design is reflected in new trade show materials, so be sure to swing by our booth and take a look! We also are proud to discuss the new team members we’ve added to Fertility Source Companies from an acquisition of Center for Egg Options, LLC from Chicago, Illinois in July 2015. In attendance from the former Center For Egg Options, LLC is Nancy Block who is now our VP of International and Major Client Relations. We are proud of new changes to Fertility Source Companies, and will be glad to highlight them at ASRM 2015!

After you stop by Fertility Source Companies booth, please also take a moment to visit the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) booth! Our own CEO, Steve Masler, is a co-founder of SEEDS and will be present at the SEEDS booth from time to time. In addition, Nancy Block is a SEEDS Board Member so she’ll be available at the SEEDS booth and Fertility Source Companies booth throughout the meeting.

We greatly enjoy these times where our management team is out in the field interacting with our partners and professionals in the industry, as well as meeting with prospective clients. Fertility Source Companies is leading the egg donation and surrogacy industry to new heights through a multi-faceted approach to service and care. It is our mission to provide individuals who are unable to conceive with the assistance they need to become parents, including matching them with an egg donor, surrogate, or both.


We will see you at ASRM 2015 Annual Meeting!

Fertility Source Companies Management Staff


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