China One-Child Policy Amendment Could Boost Fertility Industry

It’s been made official since the news hit in October 2015, that as of January 1, 2016 China will allow two children for every couple. This new policy is an amendment of China’s previous one-child policy.

The country of China has had a long-standing one-child policy, which has become more lenient in recent years ultimately leading to this new decision. In an article by CNN, a statement was issued by the Communist Party after news of the planned change broke in October: “To promote a balanced growth of the population, China will continue to uphold the basic national policy of population control and improve its strategy on population development.” “China will fully implement the policy of ‘one couple, two children’ in a proactive response to the issue of an aging population.”

With this new policy comes the option for couples who have advanced beyond child bearing years to use fertility services to try and have a second child. An increase in the fertility industry of Australia, Thailand, and the United States has already been seen as Chinese travel to receive fertility services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, and surrogacy. Due to this increase, many accommodations have been taken in order to serve the influx in Chinese clients. For example, translation services are available specifically for Mandarin and Cantonese in order to do business appropriately with Chinese clientele at fertility practices and third party reproduction agencies in these countries. China’s previous one-child policy was in place for 35 years, and the population of China is currently 1.3 billion people.

It is no wonder that the fertility industry in the United States will see a boost due to this change in China.

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