Attention Surrogates and Egg Donors – Think Twice Before You Post

With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms we now have the ability to communicate “real time” now more than ever. This also means that whatever you post has the ability to get into the wrong hands.

What exactly are we talking about?

• Spring break photos – and the crazy antics that often go with!

• That new tattoo you just got.

• Sexy “Selfies”

• That awkward 7th grade photo – you know the one, zits, braces, and awful hair

• A rant about anything political, religious, or otherwise

• Jokes and remarks that aren’t politically correct – they may be funny to you but to others not so much

• Again – photos you wouldn’t want your intended parents to see

Its human nature to want to learn more about the egg donors and gestational surrogates that intended parents select. With technology the way it is these days you are easy to look up. It just takes a little detective work. Most gestational surrogates exchange name, address, and email with their intended parents – and in some instances egg donors are open and have given the intended parents their first name – that along with a photo is the tools they need to find you on social media.

Remember this is a job! Would you want your boss at your day job to see the above? Probably not – same goes for the intended parents that selected you to help create their family.

So think before you post and adjust your privacy settings accordingly.

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