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Our Surrogacy Program in Washington

Fertility Source Companies has been connecting intended parents (IPs) with qualified gestational surrogates in Washington for two decades. Our user-friendly online database allows for access to dozens of surrogate profiles, enabling IPs to find the right match for their family-building journey. Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellevue, and beyond.

Finding a Surrogate in Washington

Fertility Source Companies specializes in providing support and expertise throughout your surrogacy journey. Our team will assist you in identifying your top priorities so you can be matched with the right gestational surrogate. Throughout the entire process, our team is there to guide you.

Surrogacy Laws in Washington

The state of Washington is considered gestational surrogacy friendly. Single, married, or unmarried, and same-sex or heterosexual couples can get a pre-birth order. The state of Washington allows legal parentage pre-birth orders even in situations where neither IP is biologically related to the baby.

Surrogate Costs & Fees in Washington

The average cost of hiring a gestational surrogate in Washington is between $100,000 and $125,000. The agency fee, surrogate screening, legal consultation, and surrogate compensation are all included in this figure. IVF is a separate procedure performed by your fertility specialist, which is not included in the cost of a surrogate. Learn more about surrogacy fees and costs in Washington.

How Surrogates Are Screened in Washington

Fertility Source Companies thoroughly screens all potential gestational surrogates. We do everything in our power to ensure they are well-qualified and ready for the commitment of being a surrogate. Registered nurses review past pregnancies for complications, and mental health and medical providers conduct mental health and medical tests. Additionally, a criminal background check and partner screening are included in the screening process. We also assess the potential surrogate's family interactions to ensure your baby develops in a stable environment while in utero.

Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents

Am I able to choose the person who will carry my baby after hiring an egg donor?

Yes, you will have input as to which surrogate you want to work with, but the surrogate must also agree to work with you; the process is collaborative; everyone needs to be comfortable with the match.

Is there an advantage to hiring a surrogate over adopting a baby?

The choice of whether to adopt or have a child through surrogacy is deeply personal and contingent on many factors. One of the main advantages of surrogacy over adoption is that surrogacy gives intended parents the chance to have a biological connection to their child. Another advantage that surrogacy has over adoption is that it allows intended parents to be more involved in the pregnancy and birth of the child.

How much does surrogacy cost?

The average cost of hiring a gestational surrogate in Washington is between $100,000 and $125,000.

Become a Surrogate in Washington

When an individual or a couple cannot carry a pregnancy or give birth, a gestational surrogate, sometimes referred to as a gestational carrier, can carry the pregnancy for them. Becoming a surrogate has been described as one of the most rewarding experiences in life. When becoming a surrogate in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellevue, or elsewhere in Washington, you can expect to receive many benefits in addition to personal rewards.

Why Become a Surrogate in Washington

There is a special bond between gestational surrogates and IPs that few other relationships can replicate. Many of these relationships end up as lifelong friendships. Aside from the emotional satisfaction of helping a single person or couple struggling with infertility, there are numerous other benefits, including generous surrogate compensation.

Surrogate Requirements in Washington

In order to get matched with intended parents, surrogate candidates must meet several requirements, including:

  • Being between the ages of 21 and 43
  • Having a history of healthy pregnancies
  • Being a U.S. citizen
  • Being drug-free and a non-smoker
  • Maintaining a healthy mental and physical state
  • Having a healthy BMI (height-to-weight ratio)
  • Maintaining a stable home environment
  • Ensuring reliable transportation
  • Undergoing physical and mental health screenings
  • Passing a criminal background check 

The Surrogacy Process

As a surrogacy candidate, several steps are required before you will be entered into Fertility Source Companies’ database. These steps include a surrogacy candidate application, medical records submission, background checks, and mental and physical health screenings. After you are entered into the database, you may be matched with the intended parents through a virtual meeting. The surrogacy process includes several additional steps after the match, including:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  • Obtaining legal advice before signing the surrogacy agreement
  • Taking a series of hormonal medications to get ready for the pregnancy
  • Undergoing the embryo transfer procedure
  • Having pregnancy testing via ultrasound and blood tests
  • Participating in regular visits with your OB provider during pregnancy and delivery

Surrogacy Pay & Compensation in Washington

The base surrogate pay in Washington is approximately $55,000, which rewards gestational surrogates for their time and effort. The surrogacy pay helps to compensate for inconveniences (e.g., multiple medical appointments, physical and emotional effects, and more) while also covering the surrogate’s living expenses. Once the baby’s fetal heart rate is detected, payment is dispersed in regular installments. In addition to the base pay, medical expenses, maternity clothes, travel expenses, and other out-of-pocket costs are covered. Learn more details about surrogate compensation and pay.

Apply to Become a Surrogate in Washington

Are you ready to become a surrogate? We’ve worked with surrogates from all over Washington, including Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellevue, and beyond. Start your surrogacy journey and apply today!

Become a Surrogate in Washington

Surrogate FAQs

Will I need to give myself shots?

Yes, self-injections to prepare you hormonally for a surrogate pregnancy are required. You will be taught how to perform self-injections; if you are still uncomfortable with the process, you can opt to have someone else give your injections, such as your spouse or partner.

What is the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy?

The difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy is that gestational carriers do not use their own eggs, so they are not the child’s mother in any capacity. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate also provides the egg to create the embryo. In general, traditional surrogacy is no longer practiced in the United States, due to the ethical, legal, and emotional complexities involved.

As a surrogate, will I have any parental responsibilities after the baby is born?

No. Gestational surrogates are not the mothers of the children they carry and give birth to. All parental responsibilities, as well as medical decisions in regard to the pregnancy, are given to the intended parents.

Our Partner Clinics in Washington

Fertility Source Companies partners with many fertility clinics across Washington, including in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellevue, and beyond. You’ll find the contact information and website addresses of each of our partner clinics in Washington listed below. 

Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists
1101 Madison Suite 1050
Seattle, WA 98104
Ph: 206-515-0000
Fx: 206-515-0001

Overlake Reproductive Health
11232 NE 15th St. Suite 201
Bellevue, WA 98004
Ph: 425-646-4700
Fx: 425-646-1076
E-mail: [email protected]

RMA Seattle
509 Olive Way, Suite 501
Seattle, WA 98101
Ph: 206-651-4432
Fx: 206-973-7999

Seattle Reproductive Medicine
1505 Westlake Ave. North, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98109
Ph: 206-301-5000
Fx: 206-285-1119

ORM Fertility - Bellevue
1370 116th Ave. NE, Suite 100
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Ph: 425-332-5529
Fx: 503-274-4946

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