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How to Stay Organized During a Third-Party Reproduction Agreement

If you’re wondering how to stay organized during assisted reproduction, consider how people make weddings happen. These days, you probably wouldn’t even think to coordinate all the moving parts of a wedding without a wedding planner; there’s the venue, the flowers, the catering, the limousine, the emotional attendants, and much more.

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What Can I Expect from an Egg Donor Pregnancy?

If you are considering an egg donor pregnancy, rest assured that, physically speaking, an egg donor pregnancy won’t feel any different than pregnancy with your own egg. You’ll experience the same joys and excitement that accompany most other pregnancies. The only difference is that, medically speaking, you may be asked to attend additional prenatal screenings to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one. Here are three positive experiences to expect during your (egg donor) pregnancy:

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How to Move Forward after Unsuccessful Fertility Treatment

Have you decided to end fertility treatment? Sometimes, even with modern reproductive technology, an infertility diagnosis or medical issue can continue to prevent families from growing. Couples and individuals who have reached this point can have the option of choosing third-party reproduction in order to have children. Third-party reproduction refers to egg donation, sperm donation, and gestational surrogacy.

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Health and Safety of Egg Donation

Many women have concerns about the health and safety of egg donation and I am here to clear up some of the untruths you may come across on the internet.  Egg donation has both known and potential risks – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is the only known risk and is reported to be approximately 1% to 2% per retrieval cycle.  Egg donors may, in fact, see a lower occurrence because this group of women is not conceiving after taking the stimulation hormones1.  OHSS has been shown to decrease further with the use of GnRH agonist medication for the final stage of egg maturation rather than administering the traditional hCG medication1.  OHSS is a risk inherent to egg donation and the frequent monitoring appointments during the stimulation phase are imperative to reduce the risk of occurrence.  Following the doctor’s orders and showing up to appointments as scheduled are important parts in your journey as an egg donor.
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