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Learn about our Illinois egg donor agency, the egg donor process, local fertility centers and local egg donor cost and compensation.

Fertility Source Companies, through its division The Donor Source™, can help you achieve your future goals, either as an egg donor or a prospective parent. We are committed to donor and intended parent satisfaction, and take special care to ensure a fruitful match between our egg donors and heterosexual or LGBT parents-to-be. When you are ready to donate or receive the gift of life through egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF), The Donor Source can help you find an ideal match in Chicago, Rockford, Belleville, Dekalb and other fine cities in the Land of the Lincoln State.

We invite you to learn more about our egg donation process, donor compensation, and the cost of egg donor services. Our case managers, in many cases, have personal experience with egg donation, and can answer any additional questions you have when you choose Fertility Source Companies and The Donor Source of greater Illinois.

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Partner Clinics

Advanced Reproductive Center
435 N. Mulford Rd.
Rockford, IL 61107
Ph: 815-229-1700
Fx: 815-229-1831
Chicago IVF
28375 Davis Parkway, Suite 903
Warrenville, IL 60555
Ph: 866-483-2446
Fertility Centers of Illinois
900 N. Kingsbury, Suite RW6
Chicago, IL 60610
Ph: 312-222-8200
Fx: 847-215-8996
Institute for Human Reproduction
409 W. Huron St. #500
Chicago, IL 60654
Ph: 312-288-6420
Institute for Human Reproduction
409 W. Huron St. #500
Chicago, IL 60654
Ph: 312-288-6420
Midwest Fertility Center
4333 Main Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Ph: 630-810-0212
Fx: 630-810-1027
Oak Brook Fertility Center
2425 W. 22nd St., Suite 102
Oakbrook, IL 60523
Ph: 888-331-3336
Fx: 630-954-0064
Reproductive Endocrinology & Fertility
333 South Desplaines Street, Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60661
Ph: 773-702-6642
Fx: 773-702-5848
Reproductive Health Specialists, LTD.
1515 Essington Rd.
Joliet, IL 60435
Ph: 815-730-1100
Fx: 815-730-1066
Rush Copley Center for Reproductive Health
2020 Ogden Avenue, Suite 250
Aurora, IL 60504
Ph: 630-978-6254
Fx: 630-499-2487
The Advance IVF Institute
1900 E. Golf Rd., Suite L125
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Ph: 847-593-1040
Fx: 847-517-9243
University of Chicago Women’s Health Assoc.
1801 W. Taylor St. Unit 4A
Chicago, IL 60612
Ph: 312-355-4205

Advanced Fertility Centers
30 Tower Court, Suite F
Gurnee, IL 60031
Ph: 847-662-1818
Fx: 847-662-3001
Center for Reproductive Health
2246 Weber Rd.
Cresthill, IL 60435
Ph: 815-725-4161
Fx: 815-725-4341
Davies Fertility IVF Specialists, INC.
2640 Patriot Blvd, Suite 260
Glenview, IL 60026
Ph: 847-972-0300
Fx: 847-972-0043
Hinsdale Center for Reproduction
121 North Elm
Hinsdale, IL 60521
Ph: 630-856-3535
Fx: 630-856-3545
Invia Fertility
1585 N. Barrington Road
Doctors Building II, Suite 406
Hoffman Estates, IL 60194
Ph: 847-884-8884
Fx: 847-884-8093
North Shore Fertility
4250 Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60076
Ph: 847-763-8850
Fx: 847-763-8851
Partners in Reproductive Health
16345 S. Harlem Ave., Suite 1W
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Ph: 708-532-7017
Fx: 708-845-5287
Reproductive Health and Family Center
973 Featherstone Rd., Suite 100
Cresthill, IL 61107
Ph: 815-986-3737
Fx: 815-986-3734
Reproductive Medicine Institute
2500 Ridge Ave., Suite 200
Evanston, IL 60201
Ph: 847-869-7777
Fx: 847-869-7782
Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine
5401 N. Knoxville Ave, Suite 102
Peoria, IL 61614
Ph: 309-689-0411
Fx: 309-689-0784
E-mail:[email protected]
University of Chicago Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility
333 S. Des Plaines, Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60661
Ph: 773-702-6642
Fx: 773-702-5848

“Thank you all for the professional service and support throughout. Even after two donors that didn’t get to the finish line you quickly found a third one who did. We would be glad to share our experience and recommend The Fertility Source to future clients.”

–IPs L&E

Learn more about Illinois egg donation procedures, laws and statistics.

What are the egg donor laws in Illinois?

Egg donor laws in Illinois only address egg donation in terms of medical insurance. It is therefore recommended that both egg donors and intended parents individually consult a qualified fertility attorney in order to understand their rights and limitations under the law. Written, contractual agreements may be needed to establish parental rights and protect egg donor health and safety in the state of Illinois. It’s a good idea to speak to an attorney prior to agreeing to the terms and conditions of the egg donation process.

Is egg donation painful? What are the side effects?

Egg donation is typically not a painful experience, and the side effects are generally mild. Egg retrieval happens while the donor is under sedation, minimizing discomfort during this medical procedure. After harvesting occurs, some donors may experience bleeding, bloating or soreness – though these symptoms are short-term and generally minimal.

What are the success rates for egg donation?

Egg donation success rates are the highest of any fertility treatment, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: with 55.6% of transfers of fresh donor eggs resulting in live births across the United States – and often as high as 75% at top clinics.

How much does it cost to use an egg donor in Illinois?

The expected cost for an egg donor cycle in Illinois ranges from $14,150 to a high of $27,650. This includes the agency fee, donor psychological evaluation, donor attorney consultation, donor insurance, escrow management fee, donor compensation, and estimated donor expenses. The cost of IVF is an additional amount that is charged by your fertility physician’s office.

What is the typical egg donor compensation in Illinois?

The compensation for egg donors in Illinois ranges from $8,000 to $10,000. First-time egg donors begin at $8,000 and repeat donors can earn $10,000 depending on the number of donations completed.

How do I choose the best egg donor agency?

Choosing the best egg donor agency for your egg donation or budding family is an important decision. Fertility Source Companies has made this choice easy by providing exceptional customer service. We match intended parents with qualified egg donors; and we imbue our mission – to serve both heterosexual and LGBT intended parents compassionately – with everything we do.

We are pleased to provide all necessary support during the egg donation process, as we bring together egg donors and prospective families. Your case manager will make sure to keep you informed and help you feel comfortable, every step of the way.

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