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Facilitating the Match Process

Fertility Source Companies has been in business since 2003 and our goal is to provide individuals and couples The Donor Source Case Managers have been trained to efficiently and compassionately guide intended parents through the complex decision of choosing a donor. Time is of the essence for those struggling with infertility. The Donor Source has the administrative expertise and an extensive egg donor database to provide intended parents with the tools necessary to move forward in their fertility treatment.

Administrative Expertise

Once egg donation is the agreed upon fertility treatment, our case managers help intended parents find an egg donor by:

  • Responding to questions and concerns in a timely manner and being readily available to patients, physicians and nurses throughout the entire donor process.
  • Offering assistance with appointments, travel arrangements and additional logistics that can potentially impact the coordination of a successful donor cycle.
  • Utilizing a time-tested donor selection process to ensure the egg donor match is being handled in the most time-sensitive manner possible.
  • Coordinating seamless donor cycles in preparation for IVF.
  • Developing valuable relationships with egg donors, fertility practices and other vital resources throughout the United States.

Exceptional Donor Database

The extensive resources at The Donor Source, and in particular the egg donor database, helps intended parents quickly narrow down their search and find the right donor by:

  • Applying rigorous screening standards to build an exceptional database of qualified donor candidates.
  • Utilizing an email check-in system which keeps only active candidates in the database, limiting the emotional false match scenario.
  • Providing a high quality, quantity and diversity of egg donors which enables intended parents to more easily find a donor match.
  • Offering advanced functions to filter for specific traits on over 1,300 donors, quickly narrowing down the most favorable candidates based on the intended parents' preferences.