Working Together: SD Workshop With Family Health Psychology

Happy Friday! We hope everyone is having a lovely week. We wanted to make a quick announcement about an upcoming workshop we’re putting on in San Diego LGBT Community Center  on Saturday, April 27, 10:30am-12:00pm. We’re also happy to collaborate with the SD LGBT Center to offer FREE childcare if you RSVP before April 17th! Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.


We also wanted introduce you to one of our collaborators: Katherine Ellis-Hernandez, PhD of Family Health Psychology. We talked to Dr. Hernandez about the services she offers at Family Health Psychology for families looking to grow as well as what she hopes to offer participants in this workshop.



 Hello my name is Dr. Katherine Ellis-Hernandez and my private practice, 
Family Health Psychology, is located in the Banker’s Hill/Hillcrest 
neighborhood of San Diego at Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness.  I am a 
Clinical and Reproductive Health Psychologist with an integrative and 
holistic approach to psychology.

I provide therapeutic and consultative services to children, adults, 
couples and families.  My specialties include Play Therapy, Family 
Building Consultation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sexual and 
Reproductive Health Education, and School Psychology.  I provide 
consultation to families creating families via third-party reproduction, 
adoption, and embryo donation.  I also work with children created via 
family building to explore issues surrounding disclosure, origins and 
identity. Additionally I perform psychological evaluations for 
educational, therapeutic and other health-related purposes.

At our upcoming seminar “Creating LGBT Families” on April 27th at The 
Center in Hillcrest San Diego, I aim to give participants tools to 
become the best advocates for themselves during the family building 
process.  Becoming aware of the psychological and emotional aspects of 
third party family building can help families prepare emotionally for 
the process, as even the most positive pregnancy can be somewhat 
stressful at times.  We will explore options, examine expectations for 
relationships between all parties, and list sensitive topics that 
participants can start processing for important decisions which will 
need to be made throughout the family building process.
It is my hope that participants will come away with a better 
understanding of the emotional aspects of third party family building to 
give them more realistic expectations and ultimately allow for the most 
positive experience possible when building their families.


We look forward to seeing everyone and will be posting about our other collaborator, The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Family Matters Program soon!

Don’t forget to RSVP for FREE childcare!


Traci Medeiros-Bagan
Third Party Reproduction LGBT Coordinator

Traci’s academic background is in Gender Studies with a focus in Sexuality and her career background is in counseling and diversity education. She believes in the strength of families of choice and is passionate about offering affirming options for egg donation and/or surrogacy to the LGBT community looking to grow their families.