The Human(s) Who Takes Care of Us

The “Path to Parenthood” can take many roads. However, folks that utilize assisted reproduction are intimately connected to the choices (and roads) that diverge on the long journey between us and the existence of the little ones that look to us for nurturing. There are lots of decisions along the way that are confusing and fill us with uncertainty. There are lots of decisions that don’t have right or wrong answers. There are decisions that may complicate and simplify the creation stories of our growing families.

However, there is one factor and end goal that guides and connects the stories of our families that have to put mindful decision making to how their families are created– they want to be parents. There might be different names for parents (mom/dad, mother/father, mama/papa, moppa,) but they all signify folks that want to be caretakers.

While the past few months have had us celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we want to take this blog entry to simply celebrate the humans that, in this great big world of choices, choose to take roads that make them caretakers!

We were particularly smitten with this article by Jerry Mahoney on the importance and un-importance of such labels from his blog “Mommy Man.”
Mommy Man

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Happy Intended Humans Who Take Care of Us Day all you amazing intended parents!

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