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Surrogacy Contract Upheld in Court Case

We’ve all been following the widely publicized story of Sharri Shepherd and ex-husband Lamar Sally in their court battle where Sharri Shepherd fought a surrogacy contract that was entered into agreement with the surrogate mother that carried her and Lamar Sally’s child; a long-awaited ruling has been made.

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I have to say…It has been a HUGE week for the LGBT community – Particularly in terms of same sex marriage reaching the SUPREME COURT. It almost feels surreal to me – I remember that bittersweet moment in 2004 when we celebrated Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage and feeling some sort of tug about this being…

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Supreme Court Takes on Gay Marriage

Wow.  The day has finally come – Well, that day actually came on Friday but like many of us I’ve been celebrating rather than writing about it.  Sorry to play catchup but I’m sure you all understand. Drumroll please….. The Supreme Court has taken up the case of same sex marriage at a federal level!

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