Resource Share: Canadian Fertility Law

Good morning all!  I just stumbled across a gem of a resource page and had to share it with you all.

This resource is an up to date (and still being maintained), highly specific + accurate LGBT inclusive fertility law website, specifically focused on Canadian Fertility Law.

As all of us know, navigating legality can be an uncomfortable and overcomplicated matter.  Luckily, our team at Fertility SOURCE can help you navigate all of the nitty gritty stuff.  However, if you’re like me – you want to get a basic scope of procedure so you know what kinds of questions to ask.

If you are an intended parent in Canada, hopefully this blog and our Fertility SOURCE team can answer all of your questions and support you on your journey of building a family of choice.

Information is powerful –  Have it.  Use it.  SHARE it.


Fertility Source Companies LGBT Blog Maintained by Assistant LGBT Coordinator Skye Bigari

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