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LGBT Families’ Equality Maps

Hey all! I have to share a wonderful discovery with you for us mobile, modern families who want to roll around the map in safety and security.

Just get offered a great job in Somewhere, USA while you are in the midst of planning your family? Check out the issues that mean the most to you with LGBT Families’ equality maps. They’ve got an interactive roll over map of the US outlining the states in terms of legal protections affecting LGBT families.
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Family Equality Council: Inclusive Learning Environments

After a big shift, it seems to take some time for the dust to settle, to start seeing the ripples of change and how it all plays out. The big change I’m referring to here is the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.

I often find myself feeling a little (or maybe a lot) jaded – not wanting to be too excited about the progress around marriage, in consideration that there are so many areas where equality is still escaping us. You may have noticed in my recent post about County Clerk Kim Davis, (if you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

While I sometimes have moments of frustration with the “state of things as they are,” this past week I have come to a new place of excitement for the movement and where we are at.
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FSC Partner Spotlight September 2015

Fertility SOURCE Companies would like to honor our partnership with Neway Fertility this September!

Neway Fertility – New York, NY

Neway Fertility is here to help all women with family planning, regardless of age, sexual orientation, and relationship status. Whether you are looking to start your journey now, or are hoping to preserve for the future, Neway is happy to offer some of the most advanced technology and treatment types to accommodate the busy lifestyles of modern day women.
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