Men Having Babies Conference Updates 2015

Hello there Families Looking to Grow!

We couldn’t feel luckier to be in the family growing business! It’s pretty amazing to take part in this miraculous journey!

As a surrogacy and egg donation agency we know how many moving parts there are to this process. Due to the sometimes complicated nature of this journey we really appreciate organizations out there that offer support in organizing all this information!

MHB 2 {Image Credit:}

Here are event updates from one such amazing organization!

Upcoming Men Having Babies Conferences (link:
1. Chicago 9/20/2015: A full day conference in partnership with Center on Halsted and Howard Brown Health Center.
2. NYC 11/15/2015: Our 11th annual MHB conference & expo.
3. San Francisco 1/23/2016: the third annual MHB West conference in cooperation with Our Family Coalition.
4. Tel Aviv March 2016: The 4th annual Tel Aviv International Surrogacy Conference.
5. Brussels May 2016: The 2nd annual conference on Parenting Options for European Gay Men.

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