Employee Spotlight: Missi Lockwood, Director of Recruitment

Missi has been with FSC for 14 years this week! Over the years she has worn many hats – from front desk to Case Manager to Business Development to Recruitment. She especially enjoys her recruitment role because of the empowerment egg donors and surrogates describe when they come to their decision to participate in FSC’s programs. Missi wants her donors and surrogates to be 100% confident in their decision and she takes great care in preparing them for the journey.

Meet Missi Lockwood, Director of Recruitment for The Donor Source.

As a case manager, Missi felt closest to the process when she would receive birth announcements from intended parents. To this day she is facilitating emails and photos between Donor V and Intended Parents J and A from a donation in 2012. Two beautiful boys were born and are now 7 and 1.5 years old. Missi says, “these photos and email exchanges are a remarkable story to be a part of and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity in changing people’s lives.”

Missi and her husband have two daughters, 17-years-old and 2-years-old. Living the teenager and toddler life simultaneously keeps the family busy. You can find the Lockwoods at the beach, their favorite pizza place (Killer Pizza From Mars), or putting work into their backyard. A favorite pastime for Missi is riding her motorcycle along the coast and enjoying time to herself.

Fertility Source Companies’ CEO says, “Missi is an amazingly gifted resource for Fertility Source Companies. She started out with us as a young college student learning the business from the front desk and has excelled in every aspect of the industry. She has found her true niche as our Director of Recruitment where she can speak with our donors and surrogates on an honest level to assure they understand the process they are entering into.

“Because she was intimately involved in matching egg donors with intended parents, she understands the stress and emotions that come from all parties and relays those feelings to potential candidates so they fully know the commitment level that is needed to be successfully matched. Missi uses her now-completed business degree to set into place processes that are the cement foundation of Fertility Source Companies recruitment.”