Employee Spotlight: Carrie Levens, Donor Senior Case Manager

Carrie Levens started with Fertility Source Companies in 2011 and has worked her way up to Donor Senior Case Manager. She guides egg donors and intended parents through the donation process while working alongside industry professionals to keep the match going smoothly. Carrie says, “When I started working here, I knew this is what I wanted to do. It is very satisfying to be part of such a wonderful journey. Our team of co-workers are so wonderful, they are like family to me.”

Carrie Levens, Donor Senior Case Manager

Carrie spends her free time being a mom to three energetic boys and a sweet baby girl. The Levens love spending time at the beach club and going on bike rides. Her husband of eight years is her rock and putting a smile on the kids’ faces is all they need.

CEO Donna Raidy says, “Carrie has been a valued member of the donor team for the last seven years, Carrie brings her exceptional organizational skills to manage and keep all the moving parts of our egg donation cycles moving smoothly. The wonderful work Carrie does along with her compassionate heart benefits all those she works with.”