Charting the Journey of Your “Small Cargo”

We talk a lot about all of the great couples and families out their documenting their paths to parenthood. This blog we just found via It’s Conceivable Now, Small Cargo is no different. A couple of adorable design savvy moms to be that will soon be making parenthood look like a well staged house out of architectural digest.

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And, while we could spend lots more time swooning over their Instagram feed (small_cargo), we wanted to give their blog a shout because they are looking to hear YOUR stories as well! We always feel so honored to share the stories we hear in this age of internet parenting communities and we know our families looking to grow have some amazing stories of their own!

Think about documenting your journey, letting us know about it (Email us at [email protected]), and/or putting your story in the well designed hands of the ladies over at Small Cargo.

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