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What to Look for in an Egg Donor Agency

The entire process of creating a family when you are doing it the old fashioned way can be overwhelming – but when a couple or an individual needs help it can be incredibly time consuming, overwhelming, and often really stressful. There are so many different kinds of decisions you have to think about. For instance many fertility practices offer small donor pools – and while this is a great service these donor pools don’t always meet the needs of intended parents. Because of that intended parents look to egg donation agencies to help them select the right donor for their family and that decision in itself can be daunting.
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The Skinny on Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Levels and Egg Donor Fertility

Women know that we are born with a predetermined or finite number of potential eggs. When a girl is born she is born with about a million or two eggs, by the time she reaches puberty she’s down to about 400,000. During a woman’s reproductive year those numbers continue to fall and by the time she’s 30 that number has diminished by a whopping 90%! By the time a woman hits menopause we have actually less than 1000 eggs left, and not all of them left are good.
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The Egg Donor Selection Process

For many, being told that in order to have a child means giving up their genetics is devastating, overwhelming, and incomprehensible. There are so many questions that begin to bubble to surface it’s often hard to make sense of them let alone articulate them. Selecting an egg donor is going to be one of the biggest decisions an intended parent is ever going to make and it’s natural to feel incredibly overwhelmed in the process.

Because this information that a patient might receive from their care provider can be mind boggling it’s important to allow yourself time to think about egg donation, wrap your head around what egg donation means, grieve the loss of your genetics and think about the steps that they will take to complete their egg donor cycle from beginning to end – with donor selection being the prime focus.
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Telling Others You Are Having A Child Via Third Party Reproduction (Egg Donation and/or Gestational Surrogacy)

Infertility in itself is an incredibly personal and private matter. While some find it easier to share their fertility struggles others will find it extraordinarily difficult – and that’s okay. Because thoughts, beliefs and viewpoints regarding egg donation and third party reproduction vary (depending on who you talk to) only you and you alone can choose who, what, where and how much to share.

Some ask “Why should I even share this kind of information with anybody?”
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