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Survival Tips To Help You Through Your Donor Egg Cycle – Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

Have you just received the news from your IVF doctor that the best chances for you to become a parent is with the help of an egg donor? If so you’re not alone. You might be feeling bewildered, angry, sad, and definitely overwhelmed. Above all we bet you have a lot of questions.

Below you will find our final bit of advice for surviving your egg donor cycle.  We hope you have enjoyed our series, and you found some helpful information for your journey to parenthood!
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Consanguinity: “Will my child marry his or her half-sibling?”

The definition of Consanguinity is: of the same blood or origin; specifically: descended from the same ancestor. Many intended parents who embark upon the path of family building through egg donation have asked the question: “Is it possible my child could meet, fall in love with and marry his or her half-sibling?” And the answer is that anything is possible if an egg donor donates six or more times AND if those children born of these egg donor cycles are unaware or not informed of their genetics.

Years and years and years ago the most couples worried about before marriage was whether or not the other had an STD. In fact, many states required both parties to be tested for STD’s before they would issue a marriage license.
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Post-Holiday Blues and Infertility

It’s the beginning of the new year! That means typically new starts and fresh starts! Unless you are suffering from infertility – and that means we’ve been there – done that more times than we care to remember.

We’ve all read the blogs around the internet – “Holidays can be exceptionally stressful during the holiday season” – Ya think? Well what about the post-holiday blues? Infertility is an equal opportunity disease – it cause stress regardless what time of the year it is. However, even in the best scenarios and circumstances surrounding infertility coupled with the January blahs equals one big “S” which means Stress.
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Where Should You Go To Donate Your Eggs?

If you have a lot of time and are very self motivated you could go the independent, classified ad route. You could read hundreds of ads looking for that special someone and chose 10 or so to answer. You could meet in person or chat on the phone with a few recipient couples who will tell you their story and then you can chose who you feel would ‘deserve’ your help. Hopefully you are comfortable talking about money and payments too.  You then would be required to walk yourself through the egg donation process and if there is a glitch hopefully someone will be able to answer your questions and make sure you are on the right path again.
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