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Fertility Source Companies Blog Tag: “LGBT Parenting”

The Human(s) Who Takes Care of Us

The “Path to Parenthood” can take many roads. However, folks that utilize assisted reproduction are intimately connected to the choices (and roads) that diverge on the long journey between us and the existence of the little ones that look to us for nurturing. There are lots of decisions along the way that are confusing and…

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Charting the Journey of Your “Small Cargo”

We talk a lot about all of the great couples and families out their documenting their paths to parenthood. This blog we just found via It’s Conceivable Now, Small Cargo is no different. A couple of adorable design savvy moms to be that will soon be making parenthood look like a well staged house out…

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Parenting Self Care

Being a parent is tough work.  Managing schedules, meeting new financial and emotional needs, adjusting to changes, the list goes on… As people who often put in a lot of footwork  before their children are even conceived, we sometimes find ourselves over planning for each minor detail in our child’s life, which can be a huge…

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Love is in the Air

Hello families looking to grow and Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re a single intended parent, a couple with big dreams to make two into three or a tribe looking to expand we know that this journey is filled with ups and downs! We hope that you’re taking care of each other and rejoicing in the…

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LGBT Friendly Birth Certificates

Support is rallying across California for AB-1951, a bill that would make birth certificates LGBT parent friendly.  The legislation would allow birth certificates to list “Name of parent” rather than “Mother” and “Father.”  Parents will be able to write their name and then select whether they are Mother, Father or Parent.  Not only does this…

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