LGBT Friendly Birth Certificates

Support is rallying across California for AB-1951, a bill that would make birth certificates LGBT parent friendly.  The legislation would allow birth certificates to list “Name of parent” rather than “Mother” and “Father.”  Parents will be able to write their name and then select whether they are Mother, Father or Parent.  Not only does this bill give ease to recognizing gay and lesbian parents, but allowing a gender neutral “parent option” gives space for gender non conforming persons to more accurately name themselves.

Legal changes almost always are a precursor to social changes – Supporting visibility and acknowledgement of families that are not often recognized helps to support families, and also takes part in creating a culture of acceptance for our children to grow up in.  Because really, kindergarten is hard enough.  :)

Read more about the bill HERE.


Blog by Fertility Source Companies Assistant LGBT Coordinator Skye Bigari.