LGBT Health Publication

I recently made an awesome discovery that I want to share with you all – a peer reviewed, accessible series of journals all having to do with LGBT health.  These are hugely informative, recent and relevant articles without any awkward Huffington Post sensationalism – just what you want to know.  A lot of these journals require payment, but there are several that are free to access – it just requires a little looking around.  Access to quality care is huge for all people, and for LGBT identified individuals, it can be hard to get the straight facts (pun intended…we try to have a little fun here ya know?)

One of the most relevant publications I stumbled upon is titled LGBT Assisted Reproduction: Current Practice and Future Possibilities (EylerA. Evan, PangSamuel C., and ClarkAnderson. LGBT Health. September 2014, 1(3): 151-156. doi:10.1089/lgbt.2014.0045.)  What I particularly like about this publication is that it discusses briefly nearly all of the medical options available for assisted reproduction as it has to do with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identified individuals.  The discussion is among doctors, speaking in matter of fact, mostly laymen’s and affirmative speak, with little “doctor jargon.”  If you are looking for in depth details of assisted reproductive processes, this is perhaps a good starting point to establish a baseline of knowledge.


For more in depth information on assisted reproduction for LGBT individuals, stay tuned – Our in depth series is soon to come!

Blog by Fertility Source Companies Assistant LGBT Coordinator: Skye Bigari