Love is in the Air

Hello families looking to grow and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a single intended parent, a couple with big dreams to make two into three or a tribe looking to expand we know that this journey is filled with ups and downs! We hope that you’re taking care of each other and rejoicing in the love that you have.

On this Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share a little round up of some great blogs that remind us of the joys of parenthood, even when our path towards it isn’t always so straight!


  1. Adventurous Moms: The travels and adventures of two moms and their 3 little boos! (
  2. First Time Second Time: Thoughts on relationships, roles, taking turns, gender and parenting from a queer family (
  3. Lesbian Dad: Notes from the crossroads of mother & father (
  4. 2 Dads 2 Be: Follow the intriguing road to fatherhood via surrogacy (
  5. Village Q: Where queer meets family, a community and collection of LGBTQ family blogs (

Getting to know other blogging LGBTQ parents is a great way to foster community and share resources – Happy reading and happy V-Day!


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