Support Group Meetings


Become a Surrogate Mother

Support group meetings are intended to offer support to our surrogate mothers as well as to build friendships among each other. You very select group of woman all have a special gift. The Surrogacy Source recognizes how important you are to us and to your Intended Parents. It is our job to keep up-to-date on your status and to be available to you whenever you need us. It is important for all surrogates to attend these mandatory meetings to get support or offer it to a fellow surrogate whether you are pregnant, on hold or even if you get a negative pregnancy test. All surrogates will need emotional support at some time through this journey, but more importantly, you will be able to give Become a Surrogate Mother support just by being here and telling the other women about your surrogacy. We encourage our surrogates to call on each other in time of need, questions, a friendly chat, visit, or assistance with bed rest, childcare, and transportation. We encourage carpooling if possible.

  • Support group meetings are 90 minutes in duration and are open to women only (no children please). You may bring a guest who is interested in being a surrogate.
  • We would appreciate you being here on time and you should expect to stay for the full duration of the meeting. If you cannot attend, please make sure to call the office two days prior to the meeting.
  • Support group meetings will usually be on SUNDAYS. We will adjust meeting dates as necessary. Please call your case manager for any updates/changes.

Please mark your calendars for the following support group meeting dates:

Northern California Support Group locations alternate between San Francisco, Sacramento & San Jose. Please check back regularly, as exact location will be determined within 1 month of the scheduled date.

Recent egg donation Newsletters
Southern California Support Groups
2014 Dates Time Event / Location
January 25th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
February 15th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
March 15th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
April 12th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
May 17th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
June 14th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
July 12th* 12:00 PM *TBD – Family Picnic
August 9th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
September 20th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
October 18th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
November 8th 12:00 PM Irvine Office
December 13th* 12:00 PM *TBD – Holiday Party
Northern California Support Groups
2014 Dates Time Event / Location
January 18th 9:00am TBD
February 22nd 9:00am TBD
March 8th 9:00am TBD
April 19th 9:00am TBD
May 10th 9:00am TBD
June 21st 9:00am TBD
July 19th* 9:00am *TBD – Family Picnic
August 16th 9:00am TBD
September 13th 9:00am TBD
October 11th 9:00am TBD
November 8th 11:00am TBD
December 20th* 11:00am *TBD – Holiday Party
2015 Dates Time Event / Location
January 17th 11:00am TBD
February 14th 11:00am TBD
March 14th 11:00am TBD
April 11th 11:00am TBD
May 9th 11:00am TBD
June 6th 11:00am TBD
July 18th* 11:00am *TBD – Family Picnic
August 15th 11:00am TBD
September 12th 11:00am TBD
October 10th 11:00am TBD
November 21st 11:00am TBD
December 19th* 11:00am *TBD – Holiday Party
Colorado Support Groups
2014 Dates Time Event / Location
January 25th 12:00 PM Conference Call
February 15th 12:00 PM Conference Call
March 15th 12:00 PM Conference Call
April 12th 12:00 PM Conference Call
May 17th 12:00 PM Conference Call
June 14th 12:00 PM Conference Call
July 12th* 12:00 PM *TBD – Family Picnic
August 9th 12:00 PM Conference Call
September 20th 12:00 PM Conference Call
October 18th 12:00 PM Conference Call
November 8th 12:00 PM Conference Call
December 13th* 12:00 PM *TBD – Holiday Party