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Thank you for your interest in our San Francisco surrogacy agency, located in Northern California. Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate mother candidate, The Surrogacy Source provides optimal conditions for San Francisco surrogate mothers. Our commitment is to provide you with the most compassionate and skilled care available.

Northern California Surrogate Mother Program

As a national organization with a local presence in the San Francisco area, we offer a unique combination of personal, local care combined with one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive pools of surrogate mothers. For San Francisco surrogacy mothers, this means superior care with less travel. For intended parents, you will have the advantage of a case manger in the San Francisco area combined with access to a larger database of potential surrogate mothers.

Each of our San Francisco surrogate mothers are carefully screened and counseled as to her roles and obligations. Surrogate mothers who choose to work through The Surrogacy Source are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of our surrogate agency processes, both legal and medical, that are required of this commitment before they proceed. There are many factors to consider for all of the parties involved including surrogacy laws, costs, fees, requirements and more. It is our role to address any possible concerns and make their conclusions as clear as possible to the intended parents and surrogate mother.

California Surrogacy Laws

California surrogacy laws are some of the most favorable in the United States for recipient parents working with surrogacy agencies. Past rulings have supported the use of gestational carriers, the LGBT community and the use of non-genetically related embryos (ie: donor sperm and donor egg). Learn more about California surrogacy laws:

  • Johnson v. Calvert was one of the most influential surrogacy cases in the nation. This case was decided upon by the California Supreme Court and ruled that the ‘intended parents should be recognized as the natural and legal parents’.
  • The Uniform Parentage Act was used to uphold surrogacy in several cases. In 2005 it was ruled that a lesbian couple could be the legal parents of a child conceived through surrogacy.
  • In 1998 a couple used donor egg and donor sperm to create an embryo, and then had a gestational surrogate carry their child. It was ruled that when a married couple intends to have a child using a non-genetically related embryo and a surrogate, they are the legal parents.

Surrogacy laws vary from state to state, therefore it can be helpful to work with surrogacy agencies that have a local presence in California. We can assist you in finding a qualified reproductive lawyer in Northern California familiar with local surrogacy laws.

The surrogacy program and those who choose to take part in it are directly responsible for countless happy endings; however taking those first few steps can be daunting. Please know that the Surrogacy Source staff is here to answer any questions you have, and more importantly, to listen.

Thank you for your kind interest in our agency. The Surrogacy Source is one of the select few surrogate agencies with a local, national and international presence. We understand that surrogacy is a very big and important step in your life. Our goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for your kind interest.


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Director of Operations

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Senior Case Manager

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Jamie Williams, our Director of Operations – Northwest Region, has had extensive experience in field of 3rd party reproduction since 1998 and is passionate about helping build families through our wonderful egg donor and surrogacy services. Jamie states “Our commitment is to provide the highest caliber experience to our donors, surrogate mothers and our clients. We recognize that the professional coordination with the fertility clinic, attorney, surrogate, agency and parent is very personal and for that reason we believe every detail requires personal and special care that we are honored to provide. I sincerely enjoy the relationship that is built with all our clients through this amazing pathway to parenthood and I’m a thrilled to be part of your ‘BABY TEAM’.”
Phoenix Egg Donation Case Manager
April Alvarado, our Senior Case Manager – Northwest Region, has previous experience as a surrogate which makes her passionate about surrogacy and egg donation and gives her a thorough understanding of both processes. In addition experience working with The Surrogacy Source, she has also worked in the customer service industry for several years and really enjoys working with people. April states, “The feelings I have for the surrogacy and egg donation programs and my ability to relate to all different types of personalities puts my surrogates, donors and Intended Parents at ease knowing that I genuinely care about them and the emotions they experience throughout their journeys. I fondly look back on my time as a surrogate as one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of my life. The surrogacy and egg donation journeys can make dreams come true for both Intended Parents who desire a child of their own and for surrogates and donors who want to help them fulfill this dream. I thoroughly love the work I do, and I feel very lucky to be a part of the program as a Case Manager.”

Jamie and April help surrogate mothers and intended parents in the Northwest Region, including Northern California (CA).