Choosing an Agency

Choosing an Agency

Egg Donor Screening Process

Each egg donor agency has a unique screening process. Some programs are more in-depth than others. Ask potential agencies about their:

Criteria for selection

  • Are Donors between 21-29 years of age
  • Of healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Non-smokers

Medical screening standards (for donors that have been matched):

  • Detailed medical histories
  • Physical exam
  • Fertility evaluation to verify egg production
  • Extensive medical testing for:
    • Genetic abnormalities or diseases
    • Drug usage
    • Sexually transmitted infections
    • Blood type
  • Partner screening (for the Boyfriend, Husband, Partner, etc.)

Pyschological screening standards (for donors that have been matched)

  • Evaluate motivations for donating eggs
  • Identify emotional problems, illnesses or disorders
  • Verify that Donors understand risks and commitments involved

Our Donors are interviewed for

  • Pleasant personality
  • General demeanor
  • Commitment

Background check for

  • Legal difficulties

Egg Donor Database

A high quality donor database begins with a rigorous screening process, but also includes many other factors such as:

  • Overall size of the database
  • Diverse Egg Donors (different religions, ethnicities, hair colors, etc.)
  • Local Donor candidates (local donors reduces travel fees for recipient parents)
  • Up-to-date database (standardized email check-ins/phone calls avoid false match scenarios)

Egg Donor Agency Reputation

A reputable egg donor agency will be compliant with all of the latest regulations and have strong relationships with a variety of fertility and IVF centers. Inquire about an agency’s:

  • FDA compliance
  • ASRM compliance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Donor match rate
  • History of lawsuits
  • Number of years in business
  • Working relationship with Fertility Centers
  • Online ratings/reviews
  • Better Business Bureau listing

Case Managers

Case managers play a significant role in your egg donation experience. Your instincts will ultimately be more valuable than any checklist, but some helpful considerations include:

  • Years of experience in the fertility industry
  • Convenience of office locations
  • Responsiveness to questions
  • Ease of communication
  • Attentive, compassionate care

Matching Services

Choosing an egg donor will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Does the agency provide you with:

  • Organized and efficient administrative process
  • Travel coordination for screening process and egg retrieval
  • Contacts with Reproductive Lawyers.
  • Personalization (ability to meet or speak with donor, etc.)
  • High Donor match rates
  • Weekly contact regarding the status of YOUR cycle
  • Open access to contracts with the agency

Follow-up Care

If you become pregnant using donor egg, it is important that you are informed of any medical developments that may occur as your donor matures in age. Does the agency:

  • Provide continued medical contact with Doctors
  • Have a healthy business model to ensure longevity

Agency Fees

When researching fertility treatments, cost is an important consideration. Are the agency fees and egg donor costs well documented and clearly explained? Verify that the agency provides:

  • Clear billing procedures
  • Reasonable fees
  • Refund policies clearly defined
  • Rematch policies clearly defined