Blog Spotlight: DayDaddy and NightDaddy

Greetings friends!  I wanted to share with you another great blog from the big gay world: DayDaddy/NightDaddy

These guys are a couple in Sweden, blogging about the ins and outs of their parenting adventure.


Let me tell you why I love these guys:

They have a ton of wisdom about diapers and potty training with some really interesting techniques which have helped their 10 month old be nearly potty trained (is that magic or what?)

They are talking about a variety of issues – from generational immigration issues, to midwifery, to challenges with being a gay couple taking on parenting

They are super REAL and often hilarious.

Although DayDaddy and NightDaddy were able to conceive without the use of assisted reproduction as one of the partners is a transgender male, these guys have important stories to share about families of choice.  As thoughts of taking risks and being “all in” in terms of the good, bad and ugly of parenting is still strong on my mind from yesterdays blog, all of our potential avenues to becoming parents can be scary.  So we just trust, make a choice, build a family and do our best.

DayDaddy and NightDaddy, thanks for the stories you have – and cheers to your potty training technique.  I myself am taking notes.


Blog by Fertility Source Companies LGBT Coordinator: Skye Bigari