The Donor Source: I have 2 egg donors I am considering, one repeat egg donor and one not, how do I decide?

Q: I am considering two great egg donors and one is a repeat egg donor with a great track record but costs a couple of thousand more, and one is a first-time egg donor but has everything I am looking for genetics’ wise. How do I choose?

A: This is where you should have a good case manager as part of your team to help you make this type of decision. But if you don’t we suggest that you make a list for each candidate of pros and cons. If they are all equal with the exception that one is experienced and one is not, then take into consideration your finances, how you feel about an egg donor who is untried, and an egg donor who has had several successes.   If you really are stuck then call your IVF clinic and see who your fertility doctor might recommend. The IVF clinic may even look over the medical records for you and give you an unbiased opinion.

It really comes down to who you feel most connected and comfortable with. Go with your gut! (and your Reproductive Endocrinologist!)