The Surrogacy Source in Modern Mom

In an article published online by Modern Mom, The Surrogacy Source was featured with reference to our very own Jamie Williams, Director of Operations -Northwest Region, four-time surrogate and longtime surrogacy advocate.

The article, “The Baby Chase: How Far Would You Go To Become a Parent?” provides insight in the world of infertility and options to create a family outside traditional norms. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association contributes to the article with words by Director Barbara Collura, who battled infertility herself.There are many industry professionals with valuable insight into the world of infertility, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, etc. and it’s important to also encourage those battling infertility to speak out and educate the community.

Fertility Source Companies is proud to represent the community in need of assisted reproduction! Thank you Modern Mom for such a wonderful article!

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