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Fertility Source Companies Blog Tag: “gay surrogacy”

Staying Confident + Connected

There’s so much information!!! We know! We pride ourselves on the wealth of information on our websites and also know that it can be overwhelming. It’s good to have a hub of information built to protect and inform you! Enter Families Through Surrogacy: Confidence and Connection

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Resource Share: Canadian Fertility Law

Good morning all!  I just stumbled across a gem of a resource page and had to share it with you all. This resource is an up to date (and still being maintained), highly specific + accurate LGBT inclusive fertility law website, specifically focused on Canadian Fertility Law.

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Maternity Leave for Surrogate Parents

A recent court case in South Africa is hoping to set a new precedent for parents of surrogate children.  An anonymous father took his employer to court when not granted 4 months paid leave when his child was born through surrogacy.  The father won the case on the grounds that not extending this benefit usually…

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