Resource Spotlight: Nikki Helms is Practically Postpartum

As I am still reeling from the slew of amazing resources I discovered at our event, Path to Parenthood: a free workshop for future dads – One particular person is still sticking out in my mind.  Meet labor, delivery and postpartum doula extraordinaire Nikki Helms.

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Nikki is a master of many things birth and baby related, but what stood out to me mostly was her work with “Practically Postpartum.”

If you are worried that you might spend weeks, months, years getting ready for your child and then find yourself at home with all of the gadgets you could possibly imagine, all of the trinkets and parenting magazines and still feel up stream without a paddle once your baby is home?  Nikki is the one to call.

If you felt ready, on the ball and totally prepared to bring baby home and find yourself days, weeks or months into parenthood and your awesome diapering system is not so awesome anymore and your laundry, cooking, bathing system is out of wack – Nikki is the one to call.

A maternity pro, Nikki found herself at home with her baby and in over her head.  It happens to the best of us.  Now, a few years down the road, Nikki has trouble shot these parenting dilemmas and works to consult expecting and new parents on practical systems to make your life as a parent easier and more enjoyable.

Nikki also teaches a Newborn 101 class in the San Diego area that includes topics like:

What healthy new borns are like, family sleep habits, getting your home ready for baby, change of family roles and much more.

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