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Selecting a Surrogate: When You Know it’s the Right Match

One of the more daunting tasks in the surrogacy process is selecting a surrogate. For many parents there is the worry that “the perfect match” is around the corner. It can be difficult for some parents to make the decision to go forward with a particular surrogate not knowing what profiles might come available in the next day or week. This can be a nerve-wrecking game to play with oneself though. It is true that you may miss out on a surrogate that you “click with” even more than the surrogate you have selected, but you could also pass up on some amazing surrogates in the meantime.
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Pray For Orlando

The LGBT community has made massive strides in the past several years, with love winning above all in countless efforts for equality. The tragic events at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida remind us that we need to put love above all else and be there in support for humans on a human level, not just when tragic events occur but each and every day. #PrayForOrlando
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Surrogacy and Beyond Birth

Most of the questions we respond to from gestational surrogates and their intended parents (IP) have to do with their relationship before and during the pregnancy. One step at a time is how most try to get through their surrogacy journey as many IP’s have gone through unsuccessful attempts at IVF or pregnancy themselves, with or without the help of an egg donor. We advise surrogates and their intended parents not to involve children and other family and friends in the beginning of their journeys as it’s best to make these introductions after a pregnancy is achieved and medically stable. There are considerations at The Surrogacy SOURCE that we remind our clients of as we see how their relationships evolve.
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