The Surrogacy Source Surrogate Mother Program

Becoming a Surrogate Mother in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or Texas (Restrictions Apply)


If you become a surrogate mother you will be changing the lives of a very grateful, infertile couple. You will choose, meet and have a special relationship with your intended parents. You will be remembered and appreciated long after you become a surrogate mother. Every time that baby has a birthday, they will think of the special role you played in their lives, and how you carried their baby with grace.

You will be guided through this wonderful journey by one of our highly qualified case managers, many of whom have been surrogate mothers themselves. We will be available to you anytime you need us; you will have our office and cell numbers. We can be easily reached by email.

Become a Surrogate MotherThe benefits of becoming a surrogate mother are that you are actually changing the lives of another couple or individual forever. Surrogacy enables you to stay home with your children, reimbursement of living expenses starts at $27,000 for new surrogates to $37,500 for experienced surrogates, and you will meet others who have decided to become surrogate mothers also. As a three time surrogate mother myself, I can say that handing a baby to an infertile couple was the most empowering feeling I have ever experienced. Ultimately, becoming a surrogate allowed me to give “THE GIFT OF LIFE”

The requirements for becoming a surrogate mother are first that you enjoy easy and uncomplicated pregnancy, live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or Texas, have at least one child that you are raising in your home, you are between the ages of 21 and 38, non-smoker, living in a stable household, have reliable transportation, not be receiving state financial assistance (welfare), have not been arrested or been in a substance abuse program within the last 10 years. If you would like to become a surrogate mother, we will run a full criminal background check on you and your husband or partner. As well as a urine drug screen, STD’s, HIV, Hepatitis, (full female medical exam) including an ultrasound to look at your uterus. View our full list of surrogate mother requirements.

To become a surrogate mother: You will need to fill out our surrogate mother application in full, schedule your personal interview, and make an appointment for your psychological evaluation. We will be running your criminal background check at this time. Once all these clearances are received, you will be presented with profiles to select your intended parents, and you will meet with our staff and the intended parents to make sure that this is the right couple for you. You will then need to call and schedule your legal consultation to sign the surrogate agreement. Your medical screening with the intended parents� fertility clinic will be scheduled during this time (We will be at your first appointment for support). You will need to take all medications and injections according to your calendar, follow all of your doctor�s orders, and inform your intended parents and The Surrogacy Source when any and all appointments are scheduled. You will need to be able to get to all appointments on time, transportation cannot be an issue. You will need to make sure your monthly expense form is faxed into our office by the 15th of each month to receive your check on the 1st of the following month. You will be required to attend our monthly support group meeting for surrogate mothers. Finally, call if and when you go into labor. This will be a very special day for you and the intended parents. Each match is very different; there are many more issues that will need to be communicated to both intended parents and The Surrogacy Source staff. We will go over these issues on an ongoing basis. We encourage those interested in surrogacy to learn more about the surrogate mother process.

Becoming a surrogate mother will be a very rewarding experience for you; we will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your intended parents and our staff here at The Surrogacy Source.

If you would like to apply to become a surrogate mother through The Surrogacy Source, begin our surrogate application or contact us with any questions. We are so grateful for our surrogate mothers and look forward to meeting you!

Best Wishes,

The Fertility Source Companies Staff