Intended Parent FAQ

Intended Parent FAQ

Does it matter if I work with a GC that does not live in our area?

Location should not be the main factor/decision in choosing your surrogate. Our Surrogate Mothers are informed and understand that travel may be necessary.

Why should I go through an agency vs. going independently?

Choosing to go with an agency always reduces the risks of complications and to ensure the case runs smoothly. Our Surrogates are pre-screened and qualified and if Intended Parents chose to go independently their surrogate mother may not be qualified.  Going with an Agency allows our intended parents to focus on the important issues such as building a bond and enjoying the pregnancy.  All of the technical issues (such as payments, etc…) are handled professionally and timely by The Surrogacy Source.

Why should I choose The Surrogacy SOURCE?

PASSION and EXPERIENCE. We all have personal experiences with Infertility.  The Surrogacy Source is big enough to have plenty of experience with surrogacy, but not so large that we forget who you are.  You are not just a number to us. We want all of our Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers to have the best experience possible with this process.  We are here to guide everyone step by step through this complicated, yet exciting are rewarding journey.  We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What kind of screening do the Surrogates goes through before they are listed as available?

All of our Surrogates go through an EXTENSIVE screening process in which they must pass all of our surrogate mother requirements. This includes a pre-application, a full 8 page application, a phone consultation, a one-on-one assessment, a criminal background check and a psychological evaluation. Our Surrogate Mothers are continued to be monitored by our case managers on a regular basis as well as monitored at our mandatory monthly support group meetings.

Do International Clients need to come to the United States for the process?

As an agency we do not required a specific amount of trips to be made to the United States.  We are able to work together completing each step with faxing, email, and telephone communication.  Your doctor will inform you if/when you need to be seen before the transfer.  You may plan trips to the United States as you wish, possibly for the transfer, certain doctor appointments, and of course for that very special day everyone is working towards.  The Surrogacy Source is here to support your Surrogate Mother in your absence.

How much does surrogacy cost?

The total cost of a surrogacy agreement is dependent on the sum of the fees involved. Some of these fees are provided to the agency you are working with, some go directly to the surrogate mother herself, and some are for the necessary medical procedures involved in the process. For a breakdown for fees and costs in a surrogacy agreement, please visit our Agency Fees & Surrogate Mother Costs page.

How long does the whole surrogacy process take?

The length of the surrogacy process can vary on a case by case basis. On average, a surrogacy arrangement can last approximately 12-18 months. Additional expenses may occur and will be covered in your legal contract under “in the event of”.

Can I be a parent if I’m single or homosexual?

Agencies that provide third party reproductive services can vary on their stance regarding single and LGBT parent cases. The Surrogacy Source accepts and welcomes single parent and LGBT parent cases. Our agency does not discriminate intended parent’s marital status or sexuality. In fact, The Surrogacy Source provides case coordinators for LGBT families as they experience the journey to parenthood.

How does the matching process work?

At The Surrogacy Source, our matching process is designed to offer the best possible match between intended parents and their surrogate. Our experience and expertise are used throughout the process to sync the requirements of all parties and result in a match that will lead to a successful surrogacy arrangement. We encourage our new IPs to read through profiles of our available surrogates and to notify their case manager if a particular surrogate meets their criteria. The surrogate will then be notified by the case manager and given basic information about the interested IPs. A match meeting will be arranged and facilitated by the case manager at which time all important requests and hopes are discussed. This will be the beginning step in an important relationship with the surrogate so we hope for a solid connection to be felt between all parties before agreeing to move forward.

Will I have contact with my surrogate?

The Surrogacy Source encourages communication between intended parents and surrogates. Our agency has seen many life-long friendships form out of surrogacy arrangements, and we believe that a healthy, happy relationship between all parties can be accomplished through communication between intended parents and surrogates. It is up to the parties involved to determine the parameters of communication, though case managers at The Surrogacy Source are able to help facilitate this to everyone’s satisfaction.

Does it matter if my surrogate is local?

A frequent concern of intended parents is how much they will be involved in their surrogacy cycle if a surrogate lives in another state and/or if their IVF center is easily accessible. Fortunately, there are so many technological resources available to stay connected during the process. We encourage intended parents and surrogates to take advantage of these tools, such as Skype and Facetime in order to communicate if distance is involved. Just because a qualified surrogate lives in another state does not me that your relationship will suffer.

In fact, it is a misconception that living in the same state as your surrogate will save money unless everyone involved lives in the same location as the IVF center. Otherwise, the mileage can add up and you will often pay more than you otherwise might for airfare. The Surrogacy Source can set-up a monitoring clinic close to a surrogate’s home to help with both cost and efficiency. We are dedicated to helping intended parents make surrogacy more affordable whenever possible.

Where will my surrogate deliver my child?

The surrogate will deliver at the hospital where her obstetrician is affiliated. This is generally the same hospital where she delivered her own children. If a specific hospital or birthing center is preferred by the intended parents, this will be negotiated during the contract phase of the process. In most cases, a surrogate’s insurance and location will dictate at which hospital she will deliver.

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