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GenePeeks Announces Partnership with Fertility SOURCE Companies

GenePeeks, Inc., a computational genomics company focused on transforming genetic disease risk analysis, today announced a new partnership with Fertility SOURCE Companies® and its two divisions: The Donor SOURCE™, a premier egg donation agency, and The Surrogacy SOURCE™, a specialized gestational surrogacy program. This announcement signals continued momentum for GenePeeks Preconception Screen, which identifies the combined parental risk of passing on more than 1,000 serious genetic diseases.
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How to Help Your Child Understand Donor Conception

Children need to know about the people who created them. This is a hard topic to discuss when the child is conceived through egg donation. It can be even more difficult to know when and how to explain this to you child and if it even should be brought up. But when children are trying to create an identity for themselves, they need to understand that the way in which they were conceived doesn’t make them less loved or different, but that it brought their family together.
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CureTalks: Legal Aspects of ART

“A modern couple has various options to build their family at their choice of time with the advent of ground breaking reproductive technologies made available by our scientific fraternity. For either medical or non-medical reasons, more and more couples are choosing assisted family building using assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like the use of donor eggs, donor embryos, donor sperms, or surrogacy. However, this assistance comes with its own share of legal issues, which everyone involved should be aware of.” – Family Building Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): Legal Aspects, presented by CureTalks.
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