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Recent Developments in International Surrogacy Law

In the wake of recent international scandals surrounding surrogacy and the resulting public outrage, last month Thailand’s parliament voted to ban commercial surrogacy. This past year’s international media coverage of the 2013 birth of Baby Gammy, the infant boy with Down’s Syndrome born into a complex surrogacy involving a Thai surrogate mother and Australian intended parents, followed by coverage of a Japanese man having fathered at least 16 babies in Thailand via surrogates shone an even brighter light on the decades-long shadowy world of Thai surrogacy. While compensation for surrogacy had been stipulated against by the Thai Medical Council since 1997, the restriction has gone ignored to the extent that unregulated commercial surrogacy in Thailand has not only existed but thrived. Thailand until now had become a popular low-cost option for intended parents from the neighboring nations of Hong Kong and Australia. Offenders of the new law in Thailand would now be subject to 10 years in prison and the loss of medical license to any providers participating in a commercial surrogacy arrangement.
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Pregnancy During The Holidays: What To Avoid And What To Indulge In

Finding ways to eat healthy during the holidays is tough enough, but add pregnancy into the mix and things can get confusing quickly. Women who are expecting face new food restrictions that they didn’t have to deal with when they weren’t pregnant, making certain foods off-limits. So which foods are forbidden and which are welcome? What’s more, are there certain activities that are or aren’t OK? What has to be avoided, and what can you indulge in? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at what to avoid and what to indulge in while pregnant this holiday season:
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Surrogacy: Not for the Faint Hearted! A True Commitment is Needed!

When a woman first thinks about becoming a surrogate mother, often times the thing that comes to mind is how easy it was for HER to have become pregnant and given birth to her own child/ren. We often hear a woman state “my husband just has to look at me and I become pregnant” or “we just talked about adding to our family and the next thing we knew, we were expecting number 4!”. But we all know that is not how surrogacy works! (and if you don’t then just read on!)
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Keep Your Personal Information Safe

In a day of E-mail, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, and LinkedIn the lines of privacy are blurred. The reality is nothing ,and I mean nothing, that is posted, sent, or shared over the Internet is private, safe, or secure.

What’s considered personal information when embarking upon a surrogacy cycle as an intended parent? Never ever give out social security numbers, your physical address, telephone numbers, places of work, release of medical information, to anyone but your attorney, IVF clinic, or your psychologist – especially before the legal contract is in place, signed, sealed and delivered between both parties.
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Infertility and the Media: Friends or Foes?

Recently a very close friend left me a lengthy voice mail after she returned from her honeymoon. In a whirlwind year she had finally met the world’s most amazing man and married him in a surprise ceremony after a storybook nine month courtship. She breathlessly recounted the events of the honeymoon and then got right down to business. “We want to have a baby,” she said. “I’m not sure if I should be worried, but we haven’t used any birth control in the past few months and so far, nothing. What do you think?” I should also mention that like me, my friend is in her mid-forties. She’s an educated, technology-savvy professional. I immediately realized that our next conversation would be a difficult one, and I also realized that I felt pretty guilty about it. How had I, who for over 10 years has been immersed in the world of third-party reproduction allowed one of my very best friends to escape her mid-thirties and into her forties without understanding the rules of diminished ovarian reserve and advanced maternal age? The answer is an uncomfortable one for me. I had assumed that she knew, just as I assumed most women my age know that a woman over 40 has a 1 in 3 chance of conceiving normally and a 35% chance of miscarriage and that these rates increase dramatically with each passing year. When I spoke with my friend later that week she said, “I feel so stupid- I figured it would just take a few injections and everything would be fine.” Heartbreaking.
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If You Are Going to Brave Surrogacy On Your Own

Surrogacy is expensive – incredibly expensive and it’s also complicated. That’s why it’s important to employ a professional surrogacy agency, a great IVF clinic and an excellent reproductive lawyer to help navigate through uncharted waters. However, it’s important to remember that during our quest to become parents we can feel extremely vulnerable, overwhelmed and sometimes downright desperate.
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I am an Attorney, Can I Represent Myself Instead of Hiring an Outside Attorney?

After selecting a surrogacy or egg donor agency, the knee jerk reaction might be “Sure why not” However, that isn’t correct. The answer should be – You always need a lawyer who specializes in third party reproduction to create a legal agreement between you and your egg donor or gestational surrogate.

It makes common sense – no two lawyers are created alike. Granted all lawyers go to law school to earn a Juris Doctorate. However, each lawyer chooses a specialty to practice. Some lawyers choose family law, while others choose things like patent law, business law, real estate law, international law, criminal lawyers, tax lawyers, insurance lawyers, divorce lawyer, etc..
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