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Fertility Source Companies Blog Archive: “November 2016”

Fresh Versus Frozen Donor Cycles

We work with people who desperately want to become parents and have been told that they will need to use an egg donor to help make that dream become a reality, either due to infertility or the need for reproductive assistance such as with LGBT individuals or couples.  There are two possible scenarios available as…

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New Single Fee Surrogacy Program

Fertility Source Companies™ is pleased to offer our new Single Fee Surrogacy program. Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source & The Surrogacy Source) has designed a program that will enable intended parents to pay ONE SINGLE FEE for gestational surrogacy cycles – an all-inclusive fee with no surprises. 

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Selecting a Surrogate: When You Know it’s the Right Match

One of the more daunting tasks in the surrogacy process is selecting a surrogate. For many parents there is the worry that “the perfect match” is around the corner. It can be difficult for some parents to make the decision to go forward with a particular surrogate not knowing what profiles might come available in…

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