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Fertility Source Companies Blog Archive: “July 2015”

Surrogacy Law Reform

“Well-managed surrogacy is the very best of human collaboration, and we should be doing everything we can to support it. Until we do, parents and children will be put at risk, an increasing proportion of them same-sex parents.”

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Termination in Surrogacy

In the last several months I’ve noticed a trend in potential surrogates decisions regarding termination when completing their applications. These young women seem to prefer not to terminate a pregnancy for fetal anomalies such as Down’s Syndrome or other chromosomally abnormal conditions. The medical community knows there can be multiple anomalies that cannot be tested…

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The Human(s) Who Takes Care of Us

The “Path to Parenthood” can take many roads. However, folks that utilize assisted reproduction are intimately connected to the choices (and roads) that diverge on the long journey between us and the existence of the little ones that look to us for nurturing. There are lots of decisions along the way that are confusing and…

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Charting the Journey of Your “Small Cargo”

We talk a lot about all of the great couples and families out their documenting their paths to parenthood. This blog we just found via It’s Conceivable Now, Small Cargo is no different. A couple of adorable design savvy moms to be that will soon be making parenthood look like a well staged house out…

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Fertility Source Companies & The Center for Egg Options

(Laguna Hills, CA 2015) – Fertility Source Companies™ (FSC) and The Center For Egg Options (CEO) are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2015, they will join their teams to serve hopeful parents in need of egg donors and gestational surrogates globally.

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